About us

Company Frisiana SK was established in 2006. We are selling ice cream and ice cream mixtures mainly for soft ice cream. We also sell accessories, toppings, cups, whipped cream, cones etc. The company also operates four own ice-cream shops.

frisianaWe represent Frisiana Dutch company that produces and sells ingridients to McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, IKEA and others. Frisiana ice cream mixture is high quality, containing 16% animal fat and cream. Preparation is very simple, by mixing with water is dissolving, not creating lumps and therefore it’s no need to wait and filtrate, the mixture can be used immediately.

In addition of mixtures and accessories we sell also Carpigiani ice cream machines and Ugolini machines for slush and milkshake.

For our partners, we provide complete staff training , promotional items, preparation for HACCP, and we provide guarantee and service for the machines.

We are exclusive representative for Frisiana materials in Slovakia, Czech Republic and