Soft ice cream base

We offer ice-cream powder, only needs to be mixed in water. The mixture contains animal fat, milk powder and cocoa from Holland and Belgium, which ensures high-quality ice cream.

Flavours: chocolate, strawberry, lemon, vanilla, jogurt and whitecream.
Rate 3 liters of water to 1 kg, vanilla - 5 liters to 2kg

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Soft ice cream base in liquid form

Offer 5 and 10-liter package of vanilla.


Milkshake base

Offer 10-liter package in liquid form or powder +  syrup, chocolate, banana, strawberry, vanilla, kiwi.

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Hard ice cream powder

Flavours: Neutral, vanilla
rate 2 kg to 6 liter (3 liters of water, 3 liters of milk) + 10% ingredients

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Slush materials

Offer 4 different flavours: lime, cactus, orange, blackcurrant

Cones and decorations

We offer five types of cones and decoration, such as triangles and chocolate rolls.

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Our selection: chocolate , caramel, strawberry and crunchy topping.

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We offer eight types of sprinkles:crushed peanuts , smarties, coloured sweeties, sharks and hearts for children, chocolate, strawberry and caramel sprinkles.


We also provide cups for ice cream

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paper plastic for milkshakes


straw, coloured spoon

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Whipped cream

We offer 4 kinds of whipped cream : white, chocolate, caramel, strawberry.

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Hard ice cream softener


The price list find here.